Press pass for the EU Parliament

The European Parliament issues press representatives in Brussels with a comment accreditation for all organs of the EU. In order for journalists or press photographers to receive this accreditation, they must fulfil certain criteria that have been set by the EU press service. Journalists who do not fulfil these criteria can receive permanent accreditation valid exclusively for the parliament, which is issued by the relevant ‘Director of Media’. Journalists and press photographer receive an official accreditation card (press pass), which include a number of rights:
• The right to a desk in the press office
• Access to the parliamentary buildings
• The use of a press parking space
• Extended right of information for journalists

Independent of the official EU accreditation card, journalists on temporary stays have the option to apply for a press pass for certain sessions or conferences. For this purpose a press pass must be presented.


To whom should journalists turn?

The press service of the European Parliament comprises a team of press officers. It is their task to support representatives of the press, TV teams, press photographer and journalists and to inform them about what is happening in parliament. These officers are specialised in certain topics, countries and official languages. Note: Television journalists must apply in advance to the audiovisual service for permission to film. Contact for accreditation matters:

+32 2 284 4817
+32 2 230 1206

Daily or weekly accreditation in Brussels and Strasbourg

For a time-limited stay, journalists and media professionals can receive a pass for a certain session or conference by presenting their (national) press pass at the press entrance to the EU parliament. European Union (European Parliament in Strasbourg): LOW T02011 - Allée du Printemps - FR-67070 Strasbourg.


In countries such as the United Kingdom or Italy, press passes are issued only by certain associations, or else a journalists’ guild is responsible. Only journalists who are members of the guild can receive a press pass. These passes have a uniform design and are recognised by the police and task forces. However, foreign press representatives with press passes from other national associations also manage to get by, even in Italy or in the United Kingdom. The freedom of journalistic expression is also a matter of course in these countries and thus a German photo reporter with a German press pass can do his job in Italy or the United Kingdom just as easily as an English journalist in England.